Red "Frenchie" collar

Title: Size XL- fits a neck of 57.5- 65 cm (22.6- 25.6 inch) / White
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proudly presents:

The red version of our popular "Frenchie" collar.

This collar fits so good, your dog will love to wear it every day!

The collar looks massive, but is very light and soft. It has a belt leather base and our patented soft cushion on the inside.

It has a decoration of 26 (30) nikel plated short spikes. The buckle and D-ring are 30 mm (1.2 inch) wide.

The total width of this collar is 5 cm (2 inch).

Size chart:

Size S- fits a neck of 35- 42,5 cm (13.8- 16.7 inch)
Size M- fits a neck of 42.50- 50 cm (16.7- 19.7 inch)
Size L- fits a neck of 50- 57,5 cm (19.7- 22.6 inch)
Size XL- fits a neck of 57,5- 65 cm (22.6- 25.6 inch)

• 100% genuine leather • soft padded • handmade quality • made in Europe • unique design

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