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The soft ribbed velvet bib is the ideal choice for all super modern pooches looking for the ultimate in comfort, safety and quality.

  • made of soft ribbed velvet
  • adjustable at three points, so it perfectly fits all types and shapes of puppies
  • collar, leash and bag pouch combo available

It is also suitable for very active dogs, because thanks to its shape, the pressure is distributed over the shoulder girdle, it does not burden the neck and it is very safe to use.

Ribbed velvet provides a soft fit that won't irritate or scratch the skin of short-haired puppies and won't tear or knot the fur of all long-haired puppies.

XS: Neck = 20-26cm/ Chest = 25-38cm
S: Neck = 28-38cm/ Chest = 36-48cm
M: Neck = 35-46cm/ Chest = 41-56cm
L: Neck = 44-56cm/ Chest = 53-74cm

For more accurate measurements, click here or email us at info@moniandme.com.

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